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TV Wall

《電視牆》這件作品試圖將「螢幕畫面」映射在「螢幕」上,從 pixel 的角度出發,當影像使用任何螢幕播放的同時,即使是一面全白,也會有一格一格的畫素。以此為基礎,影像畫面模擬將畫素格子放大;並將電視螢幕的邊框也納入影像畫面元素,影像最終放大至黑色格線中,成為全黑。藉由此過程討論何謂影像的外部與內部、虛擬與真實;影像的邊框以及螢幕作為物件如何生產影像亦或成為影像。


TV Wall attempts to map ‘the image of the screen” on the “screen”. From the perspective of pixels, even a completely white image will show pixels of grids when it is played by any kind of screen. Based on this aspect, the image simulation enlarges the pixel grids; at the meanwhile, the image takes the border of the TV screen as an element. In the end, the image will be zoomed out into the black grids, turning complete black. This procedure might bring out discussion of what are the outside and inside of an image, what is virtuality and reality, and how to create images when the screen and the border of the image are regarded as objects.


Dimension Variable

TV Screens


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